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Clothing Line Sales: Getting Your Clothing Line In Stores

Advice on How to Start a Clothing Line From Well-Experienced Fashion Consultant Rodrick Rainey.

Clothing Line Catalog Printed
example: Clothing Line Catalog Printed

Getting your clothing line in stores is not the hardest thing as many would like to think. As anything else dealing with your clothing line, it is about your knowledge of the clothing industry. There are many ways to get clothing stores purchasing your brand and hopefully with my help you will be able to this faster than the typical brand.

Be aware, to get your clothing line in stores nationally and internationally it will cost money at some point.

The first way to get your clothing line and least expensive is probably good Internet marketing for your web site. Clothing store buyers will see clothing lines on blogs, in forum communities, and other publications they frequent. If it catches their eye they will then research your clothing line name and try to land a web site and contacts. If your web site is up and they can find it with a quick search, you will get yourself an easy account and money with less hands taking from it.

Another way to sell your clothing line is to print a catalog with your collection pieces and mail it to clothing stores. If you are a hip-hop clothing line I recommend using google, Street Wear Web site, and Sneaker Stores Web site. Other sites are available for helping find store addresses on Google search so use it to your advantage.

A good site to get your clothing line collection catalog printed is Vista Print printing services! And remember to keep things simple. Do not overspend trying to make a super-elaborate presentation. You are selling clothing,not graphic design services.


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The last, probably most expensive way to get your clothing line into stores is fashion trades shows. Currently for clothing lines in the United States, the most popular event for store buyers is the MAGIC Fashion Trade Show. Held in Las Vegas each year it is the largest gathering of store chain buyers in the nation and millions of dollars worth of deals are inked for clothing lines during this fashion trade show. Your clothing line would have to pay for a booth to officially be at the show and they are costly in comparison to the other options, but no other way will you have buyers brought to your clothing line so easy.

Other fashion trade shows are starting to popularize in the clothing industry. The Agenda Fashion Trade Show and Europe's Bread and Butter fashion trade show are both starting to attract US clothing store buyers as the trendy get more influenced by international trends from street wear to high fashion.

These options of getting your clothing line into a clothing store are the most successful I have seen since my fashion career began in 2002. It′s reccomended that you always carry a business card that is eye-catching to pass to clothing store owners as well. You want your clothing line easily found when looked for and everything you do must stand out.



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