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Clothing Line Start: Are You Ready?

Advice on How to Start a Clothing Line From well-experienced Fashion Consultant Rodrick Rainey.

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Are You Ready To Begin A Clothing Line? Ask yourself that question and be serious. A clothing line takes hard work, passion, and dedication. Consistency is the key for success in anything including a clothing line. Beginning a clothing line I would recommend reviewing the key posts below. This will help determine if you are ready to begin a successfulclothing line.

What are your plans for the clothing line? To get anywhere in life you must have a vision of where you want to go.

Do you want your clothing line to be your career in life? Do you see your clothing line as an outlet to represent personal interests or as a brand that will be more general that anyone can love? These simple questions will help answer the amount of research you will need to do for your clothing line.

A career clothing line will take much more effort to start and maintain than a clothing line you want to put out and just wait for response. You will need to know things such as what is trendy around different markets and colors that are popular with each season. To me, even knowing the reaction each color gets (psychology of colors) is important for a clothing designer and brand owner to know.

Money wise, You will need to have a solid financial plan for your new clothing line as well so you aren't just blowing everything in one season hoping for returns to re-invest. Hand to hand and Internet sales will have to find balance with store account demands such as 'no competitive prices from you (the clothing line)'.

Do you understand how to use Google search to your advantage? You will need Google search for finding t-shirt printers, clothing manufacturers overseas, clothing labels, and store contacts. Google has made its way into history for everything knowledge-wise and finding help for your clothing line is no different. You must use search engines (preferrably Google) to find help.


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Do you design clothes yourself? If so, do you know how to create a file that is acceptable by your manufacturers and/or t-shirt printer? You want to make sure your colors are printer capable and not end up with low quality looking work for sure.

Last, do you have money for marketing, promotion, and product placement? You will have to hustle your product without a doubt but to make money you must spend money. You will have to buy advertisement and promotional services. You will have to find a way to get your clothing line beneficial product placement and that may cost as well. Do not spend on a whim, do your research on whomever you choose to use the services of. Do not think you can get around this, you will have to spend time and money to make real money from a new clothing line.


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