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Clothing Line Promotion: Marketing and Product Placement

Advice on How to Start a Clothing Line From Well-Experienced Fashion Consultant Rodrick Rainey.

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Marketing and product placement for your new clothing line is not hard to get. It does take money to make this happen regardless of what any clothing brand owner out there says. Nobody does things free today so thinking for a second you will be financially successful without spending money, is a second you have failed.

The basic start to promoting your clothing line's marketing plan should be word of mouth. Telling every person you know about your clothing line is a simple, yet great way to drum up a few sales here and there. It may not be huge profit, but in business all profit is good profit.

Next, you will probably want to look into building public relations with sneaker, fashion, gadget, music, and/or whatever target audience web sites you can get low-cost press or advertisement on. With web sites such as Sojones, Kicks and Chicks, Nice Kicks, and other similar web publications you can start a reception of nice sales weekly, if not daily through your clothing line′s official web site store.

More than likely, to even get on a reputable fashion site or sneaker blog you will have to submit samples. Expect the expense of samples in your business plan.

Press releases for your clothing line are a must. Do not depend on others to write for you for free. I've had this tossed at me numerous times and to be honest, its the quickest way for a successful person to ignore you. Asking for freebies from a person who is successful makes no sense because it benefits them probably nothing and they already have a stressful lifestyle maintaining their own business and bills. Why would they add to that stress trying to work for you? Writing a press release for your clothing line is not hard and the only excuse to not create them for yourself is laziness.

A press release for your clothing line should be interesting to readers and publications that might pick it up. You want to write about things important to your clothing line and use keywords throughout the release that your target audience might Google search or browse for on a news site. The launch of your clothing line, new milestones, announcement of new collections and events, are a few things you should easily be able to develop a press release for. Remember to mention your brand name throughout the press release as well because it's important to beat your brand name into the reader′s head.


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Getting advertisement space for your clothing line in publications on-line or off-line will not be cheap. Again, expecting something like this free will be pointless. If a web site webmaster is a fan of your clothing line they may trade off ad space for some clothing, but this will rarely happen today. Most web sites ask for a flat rate per 1,000 impressions (better known as CPM) of your banner advertisement or give a monthly rate. Monthly rates are better in my eyes typically because you have room for negotiation. If you purchase 2 quarters of ads in advance, those sites will usually give you a lower cost per month for paying up front.

Do not ask for a multi-month plan which you pay the discounted rate each month. It shows your lack of seriousness to many and may get you ignored by a publication that could have done great things for your clothing line.

My favorite aspect of business is the promotional tactics. Giving away free clothing always brings people to your web site. Having a weekly giveaway planned into your budget might help you build a good e-audience. People will return to your site like it's a gambling habit they can't shake trying to win free clothing. Random giveaways in person also work. Don't be afraid to visit places locally and abroad where your target audience are known to be in the open. If you can legally hand out free items, why not do it? It may help your brand catch on and take the attention of local store owners.

Last, remember all of these costs for your clothing line with additional spending money without hesistation. Create a nice budget that you can operate your clothing line under and do not look like a 'joke' asking for everything free. It never hurts to ask questions but know your limits. If you do not have a non-business relationship with a person its best to not pretend you do. Do not try to persuade someone into doing something for free. Your motives are usually obvious in business to a person who's successful in the clothing industry because to be successful you have experienced a lot already.


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