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Clothing Line Mistakes:

Beginners Misfortune

Advice on How to Start a Clothing Line From Well-Experienced Fashion Consultant Rodrick Rainey.

Clothing Line′s mistakes can mean the difference between success and failure. Many clothing lines that failed during my 6 years in the fashion industry committed the same mistakes because they either refused to take good advice or committed the mistake before proper information was found. If you want to start a successful clothing line, you want to take heed of the following mistakes in making your clothing line.

A first big mistake clothing lines commit regularly is bad marketing and promotion. As many will tell you, good marketing and promotion can sell anything. If you have a clothing line and want to succeed be sure you have a budget to get product placement as well as have a budget for advertisements and promotion services. If you have the funding, try to sponsor events that cater to your clothing line′s target audience. Increase visibility of your clothing line name and logo. Popular celebrity endorsements do help brands sell better, especially overseas. Take advantage of legitimate situations which give a chance to relate your clothing to a celebrity of any nature.


Crooks and Castles Clothing Web site
Crooks and Castles Clothing Web site

Within the realm of marketing and promotion, press is included. Your clothing line can be grow faster than others simply by having an active press release / public relations team working with your clothing line. I once read that one press release per week for one quarter (3 months) is a proper start for a business in general. You need to actively pursue relationships with fashion, sneaker, and other trendy web sites and blogs that can help establish your clothing line and bring attention to your web site.

The second mistake of many clothing lines is simply low creativity. A clothing line will have a hard time creating a valued name consistently taking designs from other brands or presenting weak designs. A clothing line designer should be creative, keen to the target audience, and not afraid to try something new. If you want to create a knock-off clothing line, honestly you do not need to learn how to create a clothing line, you just need to build ties to stores that will sell the ′junk′ you are putting out.

A third mistake of clothing lines is not having the proper web presence. A new clothing linemust have a web site to be successful today. It does not matter who is backing the clothing line, how much money is behind a clothing line, or how hot the clothing line is. A clothing line without a web site today is missing out on all the advantages of controlling the attention of their target audience. The youth of the information era, or current day society, are always browsing things on-line and a good SEO plan and web site layout can help you pick up store accounts and direct consumers for no-hassle clothing sales.


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Media content on your clothing line′s web site will help with the viral spread of your brand. Utilize free, self-publishing sites such as YouTube, Myspace, FaceBook, Imeem, and others that can raise your clothing line′s visibility. Viral spread content is an easy, free, yet great way to market your clothing line.

Kicks and Chicks Viral Youtube Video
Kicks and Chicks Viral Youtube Video

A last mistake I have seen with many clothing line owners is once they get into the fashion industry brushing shoulders with celebrities, they think they have made it. Clothing designers and brand owners that feel entitled to something because they have seen a little progression and gotten above the other new clothing lines. Do not stop treating the clothing line work different from your first days, dreaming of success,or you will start falling downward. Do not get caught into the models, image, and other vices that can attach themselves to you being around the industry. If you want to succeed, you must continue looking for ways to improve. Nothing can ever be perfect, therefore you should always be looking for things to change about your clothing line. Progress very rarely comes without change. That is about rare as an all white Zebra or something most people just will not see, in short.

Avoiding the above mistakes I have seen other clothing lines fall to may seem simple. However, many will still go on to commit these actions because of improper planning or forgetful memory. Most that do not take heed to my experiences, there is a high chance your clothing line will fail just like those I watched since my fashion industry career began in 2002. There are exceptions to every rule but the majority will fall to these flaws. I give you the knowledge of operating a clothing line I have in hopes to push you away from these fatal business flaws. How to start a clothing line is not an easy question to answer but with these steps, it will help with your success guaranteed.



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