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How To Start A Clothing Line

Advice on How to Start a Clothing Line From well-experienced Fashion Consultant Rodrick Rainey.

Rodrick Rainey
Rodrick Rainey, founder of Sojones.com Urban and Hip-Hop Fashion Website

′How do I start a clothing line,′ is a question we have viewed and assisted with in the Sojones fashion forum community over and over again since established in 2002. Numerous clothing line help related topics have been posted by aspiring minds wishing to be the next LRG, Gucci, Rocawear, FUBU, Dolce & Gabanna, ARME, or just successful in fashion generally. As you may know, very few will excel to the point of these clothing brands mentioned. However, a clothing line owner should also be aware individual success is not solely determined by financial gain or competitor numbers but instead goals reached by your clothing brand.

Clothing line advice is needed by most fashion brands in their early stages. Anyone can start a new fashion line but very few of those will be successful. With over 8 years experience in the Urban and Hip-Hop fashion industries, I (Rodrick Rainey) has decided to help those interested in starting a clothing line successfully by giving honest, blunt, and experienced views and facts on important clothing line creation topics. I hope my experience and communicated knowledge will help those wishing to start a clothing line excel beyond their pre-set goals.

Why am I qualified in helping you start a clothing line? My experience in the fashion industry as a career extends back to 2002. I have consulted with over 100 urban and hip-hop clothing lines and sneaker brands to help improve their sales and strategies. I have inhaled the knowledge given from news in my target markets, relationships with multi-million dollar clothing line owners/executives, and old fashioned trial and error. Being the first Urban and Hip-Hop fashion site on-line, my career has been the fashion industry and promoting clothing lines. I've seen lines come and go with the wind, recieving the wisdom of their successes and failures.


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Beginning tip, one thing to keep in mind when you start a clothing line is you must plan and communicate well with others. For your clothing line you must get additional information beyond this site. Just as anything else, the fashion industry changes and therefore it is a must you use this Sojones.com resource as well as the forum, google, and other web sites to plan your vision right.

Speaking in numbers, I would assume somewhere near 90% of clothing lines begin and end within the first three years for different reasons. To avoid this, read the clothing line beginner related topics below and try to match information with your new clothing line intents.

Sometimes we jump too fast looking to make a buck instead of doing what we love. To start a clothing line successfully I would 1st and foremost recommend you have a passion for fashion!


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